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Privacy Policy

All material distributed or sold by Adroit Market Research through its website,, is strictly for the exclusive use of our client. Adroit Market Research takes strong exception to any deviation from this privacy policy and wishes to caution its clients (individual and institutional) against its breach in letter and spirit.

Adroit Market Research strictly forbids its clients (individual and institutional) from publishing any material distributed through it or sold by it at any time without permission. Any such deed or action would amount to a violation of copyright laws. Any such clients (individual and institutional) would be liable to legal action.

Dissemination, distribution or sale of any reports or studies, purchased from Adroit Market Research to any third party is strictly prohibited. Any such actio n will not only seriously jeopardize all future transactions with Adroit Market Research but also make the perpetrator (individual and institutional) liable to possible prosecution.

We consider it our duty to inform all our clients that the publishers and authors of all our reports and studies exercise full copyright over them. Therefore, any replication or transmission in any form of any data contained therein is strictly prohibited and would be deemed unlawful.

Adroit Market Research is not in any way responsible or accountable for any inaccurate or erroneous information, related to facts or figures, contained in any document or material distributed or sold through us. Whenever you, as our client (individual or institutional), purchase any report or study from Adroit Market Research it would be assumed by us that you are fully aware of this and have voluntarily agreed to indemnify Adroit Market Research from any potential liability arising out of any such possible dispute between you (our client) and any author or publisher.